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  • Cincinnati Bengals

    Cincinnati Bengals

    Photography by Sam Greene As a Cincinnati artist with childhood memories enjoying the Cincinnati Bengals, D_FALT was commissioned to create this celebratory and powerful backdrop for the new Bengals jersey reveal photoshoot. Putting new theories to the test, this concrete mural not only utilizes living moss, it is also much lighter than previous concrete works […]

  • Cincinnovation


    With a deep connectedness to the city of Cincinnati, D_FALT offers a modern, colorful perspective to the streets he loves. Showcasing his unique skills in design, programming, and mixed media fabrication, this 3D piece is part mechanical and part handmade from high quality PVC board, resin, and acrylic paint. Specs: Materials: PVC Board, Resin, Acrylic […]

  • Untitled


    In a world that celebrates perfection in celebrities and social media influencers, this portrait “billboard” celebrates authenticity. The rich texture from D_FALT’s custom engineered air-crete highlights this authentic, unfiltered beauty that’s found within every ‘common person’ we otherwise pass on the street… leaving unrecognized / untitled. Specs: Materials: Concrete Dimensions: 24″ x 48″ x 3″ […]

  • The Abstraction Kills, The Concrete Saves

    The Abstraction Kills, The Concrete Saves

    Abstraction can be an entertaining and useful activity. But every abstraction falsifies reality simply because it is an abstraction – it is a one-sided emphasis on certain aspects of the real at the expense of neglecting or even denying others. That is not necessarily harmful as long as we remember what we have done. But […]