3D, A New Form of Art

Cincinnati Radius

2D design has dominated the creative market for thousands of years and, now, we’re headed into a new age, 3D and Tech Design. There’s no need to ramble on about the origins of 2D design. You can search and find thousands of resources online to help you understand the context behind 2D design. This

Augmented reality, Virtual reality, 3D printing, and many other 3D devices are slowly dominating the market. Augmented reality will revolutionize interior design firms all across the world by changing the way we buy furniture. Virtual reality will be the new experience for movie goers with a 360 degree view. 3D printing will be a new way for us to order our products online and have it 3d printed in your own home. Now, we utilize these incredible technologies with art to give our audience a whole new experience like never before, such as simply scanning your mobile phone over any form of artwork and experience augmented reality with the implementation of animation, text and or music with it.

One of the few things I’ve been most focused on lately is 3D cutting with the CNC machine. I use my 3D software, Cinema 4D, to build my designs, and then export it, depending on the complexity of my design, as an OBJ or STL, and then import it into Fusion 360. From there, I then program it to 3D cut it with our CNC. The machine is most useful if I’m creating something that could potentially take me months to complete by hand. As of now, I’m currently working on implementing an interactive experience by having our audience physically touch one of my pieces of work and the sensor will project 3d elements on top of it.

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